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    Cal Inde Bookkeeping Company provides a Hybrid Accounting method for most industries and specializes in customizing your Chart of Accounts suited to your standards:
    Most businesses only $250.00 per month, competitively low 
    for the industry standard!

    Once a month we will gather specific documentation from you and and your staff in order to
    prepare a monthly P & L statement with 
    a Balance Sheet. This includes closing your month. 
    This bookkeeping service keeps you current and allows you to remain a timely tax filer.

       There are several reasons why keeping your accounting records up to date can be beneficial for any business.  Here, we give you an example of a few of them:

    1.  Unpaid Bills reporting:  This measures how much you owe or are carrying in liability. It also helps calculate monetary cycles and cash flow on a month to month basis.  There are other reports, such as AP Aging that interpret what your payables net terms are.

    2.  Accounts Receivables Reporting:  This measure how much your business is owed. Should you be sending statements on a bi monthly or monthly basis?  Are there tasks for a certain accounts receivables invoice that need to be completed, before a payment can be received?  What is your average monthly accounts receivables asset?

    3.  Profit and Loss Statement:  Is your business performing well?  This reports tells a much bigger story.  A Profit and Loss Statement can interpret all sales, all cost of goods sold and all expenses.  The date range can be set at any range. This allows customized reporting to detail specifics about your business.


Cal-Inde Bookkeeping will work with your companies CPA directly or indirectly through out the year and at tax time.
If you currently do not have a CPA we can provide you with one.

Other services we can offer:

Standard Operating Manuals
On or Off Site Administration
Commercial Insurance Packages
Payroll Services
Business Broker to list your business for sale
Cash Funding Services (For qualified applicants)
Profit and Loss / Cost Cutting Consultations

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